Imagine some of your favorite things, combined. Deep House & Power Flow & Juice Bars & Healthy Snacks & Amazing People. Deep House Yoga SF was born out of a passion for the experience of combining Deep House Underground Music with Yoga in a space that is safe, welcoming, and fun for all. 

Imagine connecting in a new way on and off the mat, maybe adding some dance moves to your favorite Yoga pose, maybe even a Slow Twerk :)

This is a celebration of Yoga and Body Movement, a party on the mat.. It is to be added to your practice as a celebration of the end of the week, or with friends. Not intended to be your main everyday practice, we pay respect to the long line of teachers who have went before us.

All of our teachers are deeply ingrained in regular practice in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha & Iyengar schools. 

Our events feature skincare, fashion & food partners. Local, small business, and we particularly support female owned and operated business. We donate a % of all of our profits to The Maher Foundation in India, providing educational scholarships to young women. 

What to bring? 

Yourself, an open heart, a Mat, some Water.