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Yoga (at the club)


Fall 2018 Tour Dates


San Francisco : 

Friday September 28th 8pm

Yoga Flow Ocean

Tickets & More Info


Seattle :

Thursday September 27th

Urban Yoga Spa

Tickets & More Info


Santa Cruz : TBA


Moutainview : TBA


Denver : TBA 




Music to do Yoga with :)

Therapy sessions are our musical offerings from our amazing local dj's here in SF, enjoy it with yoga, or with dinner, with friends or alone.


It all started when...

It was one of those moments where you see all the things you love come together, building community, creating events, having fun sharing beats, holding space for people to really get into their bodies, above all else, to share this incredible passion for both music & yoga. 


Deep House Yoga is never supposed to replace the daily practice, but its a coming together in celebration of how music can be used to get us deeper into the practice, or to make us feel less nervous about going to a class. If its at a club, its much less threatening.

Our movement has been growing - we now have a large presence in san francisco bay area, los angeles, santa cruz, berkeley, mountain view, and upcoming this year for us denver, portland, and seattle.

Our vision is to give a platform for emerging dj's, teachers, who are artists, sharing themselves with us

We are grateful for all the venue support, and to you, for coming and being a part of this.


Much LOVE from Deep House Yoga SF